Lamborghini Gallardo SR66 wide body kit

After weeks of sketching, doing mockups, 3d renders, and hundreds of hours spent modeling, 3d printing, and installing, our wide body kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo is finally ready to join our regular offer! The owner of the “donor Gallardo” had just only one request for us – to make the old Gallardo look fresh again.

While designing this set, we were strongly inspired by the Japanese style of doing body kits (mounted with rivnuts instead of being molded). This is how we ended up doing the fender flares, which extend the car’s track width by approx. 10cm on the rear and 6cm on the front.

The front bumper has been completely remodeled by us. We started it from scratch because we wanted to achieve a completely new look. The front was inspired by the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder. It’s more slant and has a completely different side vent design. We also added some additional fins in each of the side air intakes to match the new Lamborghini style that can be seen in later models. Overall, the front bumper as a whole was quite a challenging task, and without a doubt, one of the most time-consuming of the whole project. The trickiest part was that we had to combine our idea with the old Gallardo body line.

In order to achieve such an aggressive front end, we also had to make some new front radiator mounts that will do the job and leave some more room for a completely new design. The radiator holders of course come as a part of our wide-body kit. The front bumper couldn’t be complete without an appropriate splitter/front lip which also has been done from scratch in order to match it with the new bumper style. When we move to the side of the car, we will notice massive side skirt extensions ended up with large DTM-ish fins.

After the introduction of the front and side view, when finally come to the back of the car we will see one of the most aggressive diffusers out there. Thanks to its modular structure our clients can play a bit with its design to achieve that “one-of-a-kind” look. For example – by removing the middle horizontal section. The diffuser was also inspired by the newer Aventador and Huracan models. We did our best here with the design, so the “older brother” could catch up with the design of his younger brothers.

Such a kit would be incomplete without a big-ass wing. We did here a swan-neck-mounted spoiler that’s nearly 2 meters in length (please note that in the pictures there’s a different wing installed as a temporary solution). We also updated the roof spoiler (one with the stop light) by lifting it up a bit and extending it toward the rear of the car. We also replaced the old little stoplight with a Hella replacement nearly 70cm in length. We didn’t put there a LED bar since we thought that it would not match the “analog” rear lighting.


All that was followed up by a set of custom-made 2-piece forged wheels by our friends at Turismo Wheels. In order to pack up a low-offset 20″ wheel in the front, the car’s frame had to be modified a bit just so the Lambo would maintain its original turning angle. The car visible in the photos is slightly lowered with the usage of some lowering springs. The owner disconnected the AWD drive in order to get a fully RWD Lambo. Okay, enough of writing, let’s show you some photos of the car (although it’s not 100% finished – we and the owners have still a few ideas to tweak the looks of the bull.

Of course, our SR66 wide-body kit for the Gallardo is already available in our shop! If you’re reading this text and interested in buying the kit, get your kit here! Let’s hope that it’s the first Lambo

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