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Front bumper lip for Porsche Panamera 970.2


Front bumper for Porsche Panamera. Part of our SR66 wide body kit dedicated to Porsche Panamera 970.2. It suits all engine versions. Can be installed with or without the inserts. The bumper is suitable as a non-wide version and can be installed alone, or can be installed alongside the rest of our wide-body kit.

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Front bumper lip for Porsche Panamera. Part of our SR66 wide body kit dedicated to Porsche Panamera 970.2Our bumper lip fits only with our SR66 front bumper! Comes in a black base layer coat and needs to be fitted, sanded down & sprayed with the desired color.

Please note, that it’s a part of a body kit. The front bumper lip may not meet your expectations when bought as a separate item. We strongly recommend buying the whole body kit (or bumper lip with the front bumper) unless you already have our kit and need to buy the front lip alone, in a form of a replacement part.

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