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Audi A5/ S5/ RS5 (8T B8.5) SR66 wide body kit

3 700,00 

Probably the most desired wide body kit on the market, dedicated to Audi A5/ S5/ RS5* B8.5. Developed with love and in order to maintain the Audi spirit. The kit was heavily inspired by the DTM versions of the RS5. The menacing look combined with an OEM+ experience makes this kit a must-have for every car enthusiast out there!

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Buy your Audi the most menacing widebody kit on the market! SR66’s main goal while designing this widebody kit was to get a look, that would go beyond the boundaries of a standard “RS-style” that we all got used to.

With that said, we would love to offer you a DTM and RS-inspired, fully author widebody kit that widens the car by nearly 3 inches per side. Regardless of the completely new, furious look, our kit nicely incorporates the car’s silhouette and outlines everything that’s best in an Audi, giving the owner a true OEM+ feeling.

This one was the first wide-body kit we developed for the legendary brand of the VAG group. Our SR66 wide body kit consists of:

  • front bumper
  • front bumper lip
  • front fenders
  • rear fender panels (wings/ quarters)
  • side skirts
  • rear bumper
  • rear bumper diffuser
  • trunk spoiler

The great part about SR66 Design’s kit is its backward compatibility. If you own the older version of Audi (B8, those from years 2007 – 2011), then you can use SR66’s widebody kit to do a facelift conversion! The only thing you have to take care of is the hood (bonnet), grille & lights. On the other hand, if you wish to stay with the B8 look, we also got it covered! Check out our A5/S5/RS5 B8 widebody.

Check some clips of our wide-body kit Audi S5 on our Youtube channel!

Real-life pictures of the body kit

* – Our kit can be installed on an RS5, yet it requires some additional trimming and modification from the workshop’s side. The rear part of the car (fender flares and side skirts) needs to be modified “on the car” during the installation process. 


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 220 × 80 × 70 cm

SR66 Design

Additional needed parts:

Optional needed parts:

Aftermarket double twin-exhaust tailpipe: 2x90mm or 2x100mm if one desires to achieve the same results as on the photos.

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