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Porsche Panamera 970.2 SR66 wide body kit

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Widebody kit dedicated to Porsche Panamera 970.2 (years 2013+). We developed it to alter the looks of the popular, yet aging chassis of the facelifted 970. Some of the elements were inspired by the GT2/GT3 versions of other Porsche models. After over a year of development, we’ve managed to build a one-of-a-kind body that without a doubt will make your car stand out on the road!

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Stand out with a world-class quality body kit for facelifted Panamera 970! Our Porsche Panamera 970.2 body kit is available in a wide-body & narrow version!

Check out our track-inspired wide body kit for Porsche Panamera! We developed it to alter the looks of the popular, yet aging chassis of the facelifted 970 (years 2013+). You’ll find here a few tastes that were inspired by the GT versions of other Porsche models. With an aggressive, yet well-thought touch by the SR66 team, we managed to build a one-of-a-kind wide body kit. Our aerodynamic set can also be installed as a narrow version (without cutting the original fenders and rear quarters). For high-performance cars that seek some additional engine cooling, the car’s hood (bonnet) can be ordered with see-through side vents or as a blank version.- with sealed vents. Just for the racing looks.

Our SR66 Panamera wide body kit consists of:

  • front bumper (with inserts)
  • front bumper lip
  • hood (bonnet)
  • front fender flares
  • rear fender flares
  • side skirts
  • rear bumper
  • rear bumper diffuser
  • trunk spoiler (ducktail)

What’s important, even after the makeover, the 970.2 Turbo preserved the brand’s spirit. Everybody still knows that it’s a Porsche. Some people think that it’s a track version of the Panamera. Honestly, that was our goal right here – and let people think this way! What’s worth mentioning, we maintained the overall car’s functionality. Even things like the original electric tow-hook works just like it should, combined with our big aftermarket diffuser.

The kit can be also used on the non-Turbo versions. In order to get the same looks as on the photos, one would have to buy the Turbo DRL’s (daytime running lights/turn indicators). Serial numbers of the original DRL’s can be found on the “Additional Information” tab on this page.

More photos of our widebody Porsche can be seen on its own gallery page.

Real-life pictures of the body kit

Reviews of Porsche Panamera with SR66 widebody

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 220 × 80 × 160 cm

SR66 Design

Additional needed parts:

Porsche DRL (sn: 97063107952 / 97063108952)

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