Audi RS5 (8T B8.5) SR66 wide body kit

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Despite the fact that the A5/S5 SR66 wide body kit itself was designed mostly with A5 and S5 in mind, some people out there aren’t afraid of putting some additional work to the installation process in order to incorporate our SR66 Design to the most powerful of the “5” models – the RS5.

There you have it! The Beast! Combined with a set of custom-made BC-Forged wheels and an AirLift air suspension, the car without a doubt is one of the cleanest European builds you can spot on various tuning shows in the Czech Republic or Poland.

Car specs:

  • Suspension: AirLift 3H
  • Wheels: BCForged forged wheels 20×11 ET-14
  • Tires: 275/30/20

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